Monday, November 28, 2005


I have been so tired the past week, I think I must be trying to come down with something! Thanksgiving was a little rough, glad to see the backside of that one ;o) Now I feel a little more holiday-ish, not my usual excitement though.

Barely got any stitching done in the last week, and of course my list of gifts to be stitched is endless. I did finish my holiday exchange ornament last night (2 am, lol) and am so glad. That seemed to be dragging on forever, and everyone kept asking if it was a Halloween design so I was really getting nervous about the finished result. I have to say I am pleased it turned out well (and looked like Christmas!). I hope to mail that out tomorrow so I can post a photo soon. For now all I'll have is a mystery box posted here in my little gallery till my partner gets it.

I did the finishing work on Hillside Samplings cookie ornament (the name escapes me) last night as well (don't ever try the hot glue gun at 2am, my fingers may never be the same, lol). I wasn't quite pleased with the finishing but it had to go out to Kelsey's ( today no matter what as the deadline is way too close!

I started Homespun Elegance's NOEL ornament today, I surely hope I am doing it right! These pillows are SO cute and turn out so nicely (in the designer model at least, lol, see terrible photo above) I had to have one. Love the pillow itself, very nice work by Olde Colonial Designs, and the idea for them was by Homespun Elegance. Hoping this works up fast, I may do several.

I got my BC Patriotic Row back from the finisher on Saturday. They did a beautiful job but not quite what I had envisioned. It is really cute though, I just had a vision in my head and it didn't match my vision ;o) Photo later! Have to figure out where to hang it. My walls are so bare I keep stitching and not hanging, waiting to hang several things at once so they all make sense and look good. I also got two models back that they did an AMAZING job with, I'm thinking I'll post a sneak preview soon.

John is now teaching boy scouts on Wednesday nights while I teach my church girls, and the last task of my evening with the hot glue gun was to glue back together all the shards of plaques that were dropped in coming home from last activity. I think I deserve a nap today!

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