Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Birds scissor fob

Finally finished this tiny little one! I had planned to finish it on Christmas day, told myself that I could stitch just for ME for that day, but time got away from me and I never did get to stitch at all. I had some spacing issues because the "T" is one stitch longer than the pattern allows for, but I think I handled them in a way no one will notice, especially since this is such a tiny count (40 I think, over 2 stitches). This has been set aside for so long I can't remember what fabric I used, but I do know I used Dragon's Blood silk fromVicki Clayton's Hand-dyed Fibers. What a joy to work with! I'm going to make this into a fob (I hope), wish me luck on the actual finishing aspect!

Now for what to do next? I need to get my grandmother's long overdue birthday magnet started and finished, and also one more of the Noel pillow ornies before I can do anything else :P Then I'm not sure, I'm trying to decide on something for the kid's bathroom, something for my room, or something for the living room. I have WAY too many things to decide on!

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