Monday, December 12, 2005


Boy am I a grouch today! I think we'll skip the school tutoring and I'll go straight home to bed and wallow there ;o) It's gloomy and rainy here, the perfect weather to cuddle up with a few furry dogs and drift a bit. I still have this head cold!!!

For family night tonight I promised Bryce shopping, I am getting so tired of hearing his teenage complaints about his clothes, lol, and he has a birthday gift card to spend. He hissed at me all through church yesterday about how everyone is going to notice the small hole in the crotch of his pants (not at all visible unless he spreads his legs completely open and bends over, not a position usually assumed during church *grin*). I told him be thankful he was wearing underwear at least ;o) I am feeling old and tired today! Goodnight all!!

When you take Bryce shopping for clothes would you mind swinging by and picking up my two teenage DDs too!!! They hate it when I go shopping with them yet if I don't they never buy anything! Both girls have a fashion all their own but unfortunately the so called in "style" clothes are not what my girls want!! So it's always a "chore" for them to find something they like so hence the complaining about having nothing to wear!! LOL
I wish someone would take me shopping!!! LOL

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