Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's December?

Someone posted today that there are 15 days till Christmas--I almost threw up. I am not ready yet!! No decorating has been done, definitely not enough stitching, and we haven't gotten to do any of our traditional fun things :/ Whatever has been threatening me the last few weeks finally appeared last Sunday and I've definitely not felt well enough to deal with plumbing problems, holiday cards, frantic stitching to be done, shopping, a journey to the desert museum (a museum and zoo here with desert creatures, normally a hoot), or hosting a birthday slumber party for my son and 8 of his friends ("Mom, boys don't call it a slumber party", says Bryce).

I made it through this week (and the party--although we won't mention what the house looks like after they made gingerbread car garages (houses are too uncool these days?)), there does seem to be an end in sight (??), well except for the stitching. I really should have started in June like I have the past few years! I have work today, then a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese for old family friends, and then John, my sister, and I are off to the Ice Cat hockey game. After that, I hope to collapse because I am feeling better but definitely not at 100%! Can someone please stop the world?? I want to get off!! LOL

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