Friday, December 30, 2005

Mini Coussin ABC Oiseaux finish

or as we say in English: ABC Birds Mini Cushion. I made this into a fob last night, my first time trying the instructions on the freebies at The Drawn Thread ( It was definitely interesting, and although the back looks bad enough I won't share a pic, it's not TOO bad. Will definitely do much better next time! Filled it with tiny pebbles from the front yard, my oldest son thought I was really crazy last night when I asked him at 10pm to go get me a handful of little rocks ;O)

Stitched on a scrap of R & R Reproductions linen using Dragon Blood silk for the stitching as well as making the cord and mini-tassel (my first mini-tassel). I added a heart stone onto the mini tassel to dress it up a little. All in all I'm quite pleased with my little fob!

Now what to start next?? And what stitching goals should I set for 2006? How can I decide when every new project I see makes me want to stitch it??

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