Friday, December 02, 2005

Yay, it's December!

Amazing what the change in month will do for my attitude ;o) November was really hard for me, but now that it's December I'm starting to feel some holiday cheer. Perhaps due to the ornaments I'm stitching on??? I have to say I'm not ready for the lights, tinsel, and tree route yet but I'm sure I will be soon.

Off to the post office today to send out my secret ornie exchange, hope my partner likes it and also what goodies I sent! Picked up my holiday cards last night so I'll be working on those over the weekend I guess. I have almost finished the Noel ornie, just need the rest of the beads and then to attach the ribbon and button and such. I am a little nervous but it sounds easy enough in the instructions (knock on wood!). I started the second (same) Noel ornie and just need to get the leaves and beads on it, I may just wait and try to do the finishing on both of them at once.

Have to take the dogs into the clinic for rabies shots tomorrow, then an oil change and work. bleech!! Hope to get some good photos to show for next week, I'm yearning for a finish!!

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