Monday, January 16, 2006

Last set of 2006 maybes

This is a 9 part mystery sampler from a french site which is lovely but not my kind of thing. However, I read the "story" which spells out the symbolism and ways to customize each part to tell your life story, so of course I want to do it! It's quite large but I could probably do one part a month...(the mistake of every stitcher, and the quickest way to become a UFO, lol)
This one would be perfect to fill up a bare living room wall, I keep almost kitting it up. I have to remind my self how positively repetitive it will get though and how long it will take, plus then the framing cost. I have seen a version where the stitcher customized the letters done the side though, it was so pretty! And Vicki Clayton sells a silk thread pack for this one...
This one just makes me laugh, especially the "button boobies", as I am fond of saying. My DH thinks I'm ridiculous but I would love to fill the bathroom with various bare-bossomed stitched mermaids. If I stitch this one, in interest of the kids I will give her a shell bikini.
This was one I really wanted to work on last winter as I was going through the
divorce process to remind me to make better future choices ;o)

This may be the first project for me for 2006, I love the words on this:

"I pray that risen from the dead I may in glory stand A crown perhaps upon my head but a needlein my hand." A verse with a bird, death, AND about stitching, you can't get much better!

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