Friday, January 20, 2006


Finally got my line-up for Nashville releases done, I've waffled for so long I hope I haven't left it too late. I couldn't pick between four charts, finally got it down to two. Now I'll have to do photos and finish the charts ASAP.

Not much on the stitching front, what little I've done is finishing up a model, or trying to. I have an idea for what to make it into when it's all stitched, hope it works out!! As we all know I'm not a big sewer ;o) Also have just anout got my grandmother's very late birthday gift done, a tiny panda magnet on perforated plastic, I really think I should have finished this much faster!! Hope to have some photos soon, it's no fun to not have much to post these days :P

I've got some really good ideas going for new designs, hope they all keep flowing. Now I need time to get them down and see if they work--it seems being married and now co-leader of the Bear/Webelos den in cub scouts has taken all my available work time. I'm struggling to not feel frustrated but I can't figure out how to keep everything juggling without dropping several things. The kids are pitching in more on chores which helps a lot but still not enough. Whine whine whine! We did book our Nashville tickets AND will be spending a little R & R time before the show and after, including spending our last night at the gorgeous Opryland hotel! We had such a blast last year, even being incredibly sick. I'm looking forward to some good shopping, not just needlework stash but also hitting the outlet mall!!

Don't beat yourself up over not being able to do everything you want to do! You are a wonderful, HUMAN person, meaning limited :) God has given you children to raise and I know that's your priority now - it's the season of life you are in. Keep stitching, keep ideas written down, and doing those creative things, and soon it will be your season to really concentrate on those and spend more time on it.
BTW, I'm trying to train my kiddos to do more chores so I can stitch and sew more too :)
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