Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Back from Nashville

Has a great time, so glad it is over though! I really dislike traveling, almost as much as I hate coming home to all the things I left undone so I could go travel ;o) Here's a little peek at market, I love the hotel they hold it at.

We had a successful market and got to see some sights as well: the civil war battlefield/cemetary in Murfreeboro, attended the Opry at the historic Ryman theater (with front row seats for Lorrie Morgan, Restless Heart, Suzy Boguss, and more), and got to stay a night at the Opryland Hotel which was gorgeous. Lots of photos, mostly of food ;o) Came home with plenty of goodies since we hit the Opry Mall as well as market.

My little watty dog got in a fight with our Joey dog while I was gone and was blinded in one of her eyes. We are hoping the eye itself will avoid infection so we won't have to remove it. She may have fractures and/or bone fragments in her skull as well. She is as peppy and happy as usual so at least she is not in much (if any pain). We've got her on tons of meds, drops, and gels to try to get the swelling down and avoid complications. Her eye is sewed shut, giving her a permanent wink. Things are pretty chaotic at home, but I don't feel getting rid of a dog is an option so we'll have to get creative to keep everyone healthy and safe. The whole thing breaks my heart, especially since the two dogs often have a tiff and this time Joey seems to have hit just the right spot to cause critical damage.

So glad you had a lovely time at Nashville :)

But sorry to hear about your doggy..I do hope there isnt any permanent damage to her eye.

Sounds like you had a fun time. Love the photos. Hope your dog is ok. Happy Stitching. Anne L
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