Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stash Spring Cleaning!

Went to the rodeo, one of my favorite places!
Not too many photos taken, I was too busy trying to keep up with everything.
Played in my magazines this weekend, I am trying to clean my office (yes, the office that has had no floor for several years, the one that I've never seen clean since we moved in). The benefit of cleaning the office is I get to play in long lost stash while under the guise of cleaning ;l) I went through all my old mags and found some great samplers I'd never noticed before (taste was different back then). My plan was to store all the mags except for a few that I would keep out and put in the "must stitch soon" folder/stack/pile. I found quite a few though so I don't think this method of cleaning is truly effective! What I really want to do (and have so far talked myself out of it) is to go through all my leaflets, etc. and put group them by designer. I normally keep them this way but haven't gone through them for about 3 years and I know they are every which way. The problem is at last count I have over 2,000 leaflets (not counting kits, etc.) so this is going to involve at lot of space and time, but it will be so fun! No doubt my "must stitch soon" stack will grow when I get around to doing this. It really isn't "cleaning" though, just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!

Got these because I have the best DH in the world :o)

They were a just because gift for getting through the last few weeks. Aren't they gorgeous???

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