Wednesday, February 22, 2006

WIP and pet update

Here's a really rotten photo of my WIP as of today. I think this is only the third day I've gotten to work on it since I share my lunch times with cub scout planning these days. I'm hoping by next weekend to have it done. I can't seem to get started on anything else at the moment, too many projects to figure to get started on just one. There is one by Plum Street calling my name but it's rather large. Also it's been too busy to stitch, we now have two sick dogs. Cody (see big white fluffy a few pics below) spent Monday night at the animal hospital with a severe life-threatening infection. Many $ later he is much better and will make a full recovery. Watty's eye will never see again but we still hope she can keep it. We've increased the drops & gel to about every half an hour and will see the vet in about 10 days.

Thanks everyone for your comments, I know I will get a few minutes soon to get to read your blogs!

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