Thursday, March 02, 2006

Am I done?

Will I ever ever ever be done?? Someone made the comment for as tiny as this is (about 2 inches long/wide) it sure is taking a long time. I know it's partly because it's over one on 40ct. and partly because I only get abt. 30 minutes a day on it but it seems to be taking so long, especially when up until Xmas I had a finish every week it seemed like. I definitely won't be finishing tomorrow unless I work on it tonight, which is so tempting! Doubt I will have the time though.

I stayed up half the night last night wrapping up that book-keeping account and making a big mess in the process. I found some great stuff on my desk though! I am so tired now, I doubt I'll accomplish much of anything tonight but I'm going to try. I'd *like* to input some of my new stash into the spreadsheet and dig into the huge stack of magazines I found in the garage last night but I will try to be more useful and clean my office and the garage instead. Nobody hold their breath, I think I've mentioned neither of those places have had a floor for about 2 years! I can't figure out whether to do the garage first or the office, sorta like the chicken/egg conundrum. A lot of my stuff in the office needs to go in the garage but there's no place to put anything because it's such a mess, and vice versa, lol. Perhaps we should just move???? I really think I have too much stash!!

On the up side, I did manage to make working copies of the projects I *must* stitch from some mags (not all yet). I have designated several of them as lunch projects since they are small and should be much quicker than what I am working on now. Geesh, if I don't have the patience for this one can you imagine me trying to do a really big project??? LOL

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