Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another weekend come & gone...

and no closer to getting much of anything accomplished! I did unearth the laundry room floor a bit though. I got to attend a tour of the cemetary which was neat, people dressed up as the person we were "visiting" and told about "their" life. We held our scout Pinewood Derby clinic which was attended only by my family (LOL). We still had fun, got our cars close to finished, and didn't make a mess at home since we had it at the church. This is Seri on her fieldtrip last friday to the AZ Historical Museum where she got to dress up a bit.
I did a bit of stitching on Land That I Love, enough to be annoyed that this is such a small piece and it seems like it will take a long time! I was going to try to finish off the floral freebie last night but was too tired, ended up crashing several hours before bedtime and then having the worst night's sleep ever (too hot, dogs/kids kept waking up, etc.). I was going to start a new tiny lunch project but I couldn't find just the fabric or threads I wanted so I will leave that till tomorrow. Decided to start finishing off the freebie instead and made up my own cheater version of handmade tassels which I think look the same as more complicated ones (see terrible photo below). Then I cut the fabric down and started hemming for a pillow, let's hope I'm getting better at this process!
Lots to do tonight especially on a Hoffman's order and perhaps a new release that I've left almost too long. It would be nice to finish off the little floral freebie tonight as well, we'll see!

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