Monday, March 20, 2006


Well I was so proud, I made a goal list, stuck it into the template here and tweaked it till it looked right, then somehow managed not to save it correctly so it's not here!!! Now I have to figure out all over again what I had it all whittled down to, grrrr.

I think I'm almost done going through all my back magazine issues and making working copies of projects I *have* to do. Yes, this is an exercise in futility, but it's been a fun diversion and made a big mess to put away, all at the same time so I'm killing the entire flock of birds with one stone (and that's probably what it looks like around my house, lol).

I have found out some changes will be coming soon (this week) to my home office, I will have to find housing for a new (to me) computer for the web tech stuff I've started doing. By now you are probably familiar with hearing me say (every weekend, no doubt), I will get my office cleaned up and organized. Well, now I *really* have to do that, and ASAP! I spent most of my weekend cleaning up from the multiple toilet overflows, the rest we spent on scrubbing signs and painting over grafitti, then yardwork while the weather was so good (and the brush and bulky semi-annual collection is next week). I did manage to do some filing (ok, re-filing after my last employee made a wreck of things) at least, as well as a bit of stitching last night. Land That I Love needs the dog (coyote?), about half the water, and the flag finished, and then I think I'll be done? Truthfully it calls for a border as well as more wording but I'm liking it without those, especially if it will fit in the frame I have without them. I really like the colors on this vintage aqua fabric, it really all works together nicely. I keep meaning to take a WIP photo but haven't had a chance. Soon I hope, along with a pic from the graffiti clean-up perhaps...

Good luck with your filing. My desk is a bit of a mess too right now. Just seems like there are so many other things to do!!
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