Monday, March 13, 2006

Carre Fleuri finished

I had taken a different photo but this one shows the colors and flowers much more clearly. This is a freebie from Anne Les Petites de Croix called Carre Fleuri (Flowered Square). I used 40ct. Vintage Aqua Lakeside Linen over one count with GAST threads. I made the tassels myself using the green and pink GAST I stitched the design with. Even by hand sewing I must say the little pillow didn't turn out too badly. I filled it with little pebbles and it has a nice weight to it.

I spent most of the weekend in Phoenix so that Watty could have her eye removed. I got a bit of stitching done on my Land of the Free, not nearly as much as I would like. Perhaps by looking at this one for so long I'm already bored by it? Or maybe I need a few really small projects to make me feel like I'm accomplishing something? I did finally get Hoffman's my newest releases as well as change my leaflet style and make them more marketable--they are now being professionally printed rather than having the photos glued to each one. Quite a bit more money goes to the printer now but I think it will be quite worth it, or I hope so!

Watty opened up some of her stitches this morning and it's been a real nightmare, no one will see her but the vet opthamologist and he is voicing many concerns and talking about more treatments which is ridiculous since there is no longer an eye!!! I'm really frustrated, the dog situation seems never-ending. I came home so relaxed because it was all over and the dog was healing so well, and now here I am crabby and stressed again :P Only help for that is stitching, right???

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