Thursday, March 23, 2006

Finished, I think?

Hot off the q-snaps! This morning I woke up early and being wide awakw foe once did a bit of stitching and catching up on TV viewing. Can't believe I am done, this turned out very nicely but I didn't really enjoy stitching it. I'm starting to think that things that have sat in my wishlist for a long time are so boring to stitch because I've seen them so often, or perhaps for so long that I'm impatient to simply be done with them and move on. I must say I enjoy the colors together very much, especially on this fabric (which is a relief, I was a bit worried). There is supposed to be a border on top, and the words "United States of America" on the bottom along with a border but I rather like it just like this. Wish I had had enough time to see if it fits the frame I have been picturing it in, will have to wait till much later for that :P I have decided that dog is a coyote, he's just the right color and shape.

So, can anyone guess what I am going to say next?

Now what to stitch???? lol

My oldest son mentioned this morning the hot wheels race car I have been saying I'll stitch since he was 3 yrs. old (8 years ago) so perhaps I should get that out. Or worse, finish a UFO :P Hmmmm, decisions, decisions...Maybe Nautical Fence?? I'd love to dress the bathroom up more plus it's fun and summery. Also have a magazine flag pattern in my drawer (I think by Heron House) I was toying with starting, and I really do need to do a small thank you for the company in Ireland that made our wedding rings on such short notice (twice!). However, this morning I was contemplating new design releases and may have to stitch a few new models instead. Argh! Perhaps I should take a poll and have people who read this decide??? LOL

On an unrelated note, I love Vicki Clayton's silks and used to buy there frequently till she changed her host/cart and now I can never get registered with the system which is the only way to buy!! ARGH! I keep registering and waiting to receive an email confirmation, but something always happens. I shall email Vicki one of these days directly so I can buy, there are quite a few silk conversion packs for the designs on my goal list that I need!!!!

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