Friday, March 03, 2006

Floral freebie!

I was going to title this blog entry as finished but I never count my projects as actually done until they are framed/pillowed/whatever. Official finishing should take place this weekend I hope! Still not sure what to make it or whether to add a button, guess it will be a surprise. I stitched on it late last night for a bit and then finished it while waiting in my daughter's classroom this morning to go on a fieldtrip. We went to the Arizona Historical Society on the city bus, what a neat place!!

Started work on the garage last night, got a good dent into it. Rewarded myself by looking through all the stitching magazines I found while cleaning. If anyone wants to come help, my garage is a treasure trove of stash, stash, everywhere! Hoping to find some forgotten goodies this weekend! Also have the cub scout pinewood derby car clinic tomorrow to help the boys finish up their car before next Saturday's race. This should be amusing, even with having my boys in scouts for the last 3 years I had no idea the car kits come with blocks of wood rather than in a ready-made car shape *hanging head in giggling shame* Good thing I will have John who has built cars before as well as my dad, my son, and hopefully other well qualified adults. I think the girls should get to do derby cars as well, after all, having no experience is surely detrimental to all those moms out there ;l)

I'm going to attempt to make some headway on Land That I Love, wish me luck! Happy weekend everyone!

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