Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm going to do it...

I'm biting the bullet and I am going to set goals, by golly! Now if only I could decide what to put on my list...hmmm. I guess they are only goals, right? It can be a ridiculously long list and I won't be expected to finish it this year, right? And I can find something not on the list and stitch it instead, right? There are no rules to this goal-setting, right??????? LOL

Not much on the stitching front, I've spent most nights going to be early, it's been one of those weeks---

Signs your week can only go downhill:

-Your son breaks off the key to your vehicle in the door lock

-You lose a large check and can't find it no matter what

-Your toilet overflows and keeps overflowing, not once but twice, the second time no one was home and the ensuing lake (of toilet water, no less) soaks your bedsprings and mattress, comforter, books that were stacked by the bedroom bookshelf, clothes, etc. etc.

-Your son is failing math

-Several people pick this week to advise you on your personal life and commitments (or rather, according to them, my OVER-commitments)

I could go on but I will spare you ;o) And yes, no one in my house is starving, we have a roof over our heads, jobs, general good health, etc. So even as I complain I am trying to count my blessings!

I was hoping to bake St. Patty's day cookies with the kids tonight but will more than likely have to try to do damage control on the wet bedroom instead. Calgon take me away!!!!!!!

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