Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New improved goal list

is now in the sidebar. I plan to link to an entry that will have more specifics including size, fabric, threads, stitched image, any WIP photos, and will also log stitching hours. We'll see how that goes! I really want to get my UFOs done, I've never been comfortable having unfinished business.

Today is DH's b-day so no stitching or office cleaning is on the agenda. Then tomorrow is cub scouts so it should be plenty busy then as well. Wish I could take Thursday off and try to get things done :P Also wish I had time to finish off Land of the Free. Oh well, it's been in my pile for several years, a few more days (weeks??) won't hurt!

Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog : )

Please share the pattern name of that lovely redwork! It is really interesting.

I didn't see it in your photo books.

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