Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Started something new

FINALLY! This has been on my to-do list for awhile, I might even have the right frame to fit it (I want the one in the pic). I got a few stitches in last night while waiting to give blood. Not much chance for stitching tonight, it's tutoring at the kids' school then scouts, followed by bedtime routines for the kids and then food, meds/treatment for the doggies. At that point if I haven't fallen into bed exhausted I've got to get one of my book-keeping account wrapped up since I fired them--no money in the world was worth dealing with them, no matter how many vet bills roll in!

Progress done on my flowers today, finished the entire vine all the way around except for one flower stem that extends inward. I've run out of green, have to find where I put the rest or see if I can fudge a bit somehow.

You lucky thing going to the Nashville show. Did you resist getting more stash. How do you show your photos of finised stitches in your side bar. Happy Stitching Anne L
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