Monday, April 03, 2006


This is one of my current WIP, Patriotic Borders by Heron House designs. This was in a cross stitch mag but I see it's also at Hoffman's, in case anyone wants to track it down. I'm worried about my fabric choice, this is a dusty red that I wonder if it might be too pink? I've decided I may try to antique the fabric a bit and make the color less pinky and more vintage. Hope this one turns out well!!!
Wow, what happened to March??? Not much to report, spent the weekend doing yardwork and getting started on my new web and book-keeping clients. No stitching done at all, plus I managed to hurt my back somewhere in there and missed out on the Walk for the cure (breast cancer) I had signed up for. Today my allergies are acting up, and I hurt my foot, so I've got this weird limping/listing drunken kind of walk going accompanied by my hand on my back and lot of sneezing/sniffling. My daughter says it's because I am getting old (i'm under 30 still, lol).

This is part of what we did this last weekend, we hit Home Depot's kid clinic and made birdhouses. Next time we may just go get the free kit and head home, there was no table space or tools available. The kids made cute birdhouses though and I was impressed with the kit materials, the free apron, and the pin they gave them.

And finally the pics of the kids cleaning the grafitti! We had a great time and did a lot of work. Chase and I spent a quick half hour on Saturday doing more signs which I think is partly why my back hurts so much, those signs are much taller than us!

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