Monday, April 24, 2006


Have been offline preparing for last weekends' camping trip. We went up to the boy scout camp and did clean up to help it open for summer. Our job was to rake all all pine needles, etc. 25 ft. away from each building as a precaution since fire season is expected to be very bad this year. I may never see a forest again without checking to see if it needs to be raked ;o)

Not much on the stitching front to report, I've been so busy I've barely managed to put in any stitches. I did get some new stash though, hopefully will take pics soon. I'm DYING to stitch, and to finish some things. I seem to be wanting to start new projects right and left which is totally against my rules ;o) According to me, I should only have two projects in the works (3 if I have a purse project), and right now I have 5:

--Heron House Patriotic Borders
--Erica Michaels Amber Waves Welcome
--Xmas ornie (purse project)
--Notforgotten Farm Seek Joy (can't find pattern STILL)
--Raise the Roof Nautical Fence (just started)

I started Raise the Roof Nautical Fence last Monday night, I really wanted something FUN to stitch on, and my bathroom still looks so plain. Only have a few stripes on the pole though :P

I joined two SAL: a needleroll and a Merry Cox one. I really don't have time for either but I need some motivation to have some regular stitching time. This working a million jobs at the same time is really killing my stitching!

Did some re-arranging of the technological highrise that is my desk yet AGAIN, this time to set up my new scanner/printer. I think I finally have everything where I need it and where the cords will reach ;o) And if not, at this point I do NOT care!!!! The bad thing about the shelving to the ceiling is it makes my office look so different (less open) and it takes away my "wall of whimsy", I had all my silly stitchings hung up there to entertain me as I worked. I really do need the shelving though, perhaps I can now get the office organized (no laughing!!).

Organizing the desk - one more chore that never seems to really be done. My desk is piled again - ugh!
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