Friday, April 28, 2006


Because I have no stitching getting done these days I thought I'd share a project from Nashville Market by Primitive Traditions, called something like the Pennsylvania Dutch sewing chest (???). When trying to make sense of my office I found the box and pattern stashed on a shelf, isn't it gorgeous??? Not sure if I will be stitching it anytime soon though!!

Here's the tiny UFO that never seems to get done, I've been taking it places for years. The pattern was always separated from the little kitted up bag but recently I was finally able to reunite them. Now that I have them together I think it's a cute design but not sure why I picked it to do, lol!! Oh well, it'll look good in my dining room so I'll try and finish it up, right now I only have the row of grass underneath the house stitched. Maybe I'll make that my goal for the weekend since I REALLY need some stitching time! I did want to get in some time on Nautical Row though ;/ I saw Raise the Roof came out with Liberty Fence on May's Hoffman list, it's cute but not my cup of tea.

This weekend I plan to stay home and clean and clean and clean and WORK!! The zoo has free admission tomorrow but I MUST get things done!! Tonight we're going to the county fair, I hope to see the needlework, never have managed to find it, lol. I bought tickets for rides in advance only to have one son going camping with DH tonight and the other in trouble, so it looks like it'll be Seri and I and a ton of tickets. Normally I love the fair but I am so tired of going and doing these days!!

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