Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WIP updates

Here is the WIP I keep in my purse, just a tiny little holiday ornament for those times when I have a few minutes to kill. I'm surprised I haven't finished it yet, it's very small!

With taking on the new book-keeping client and the web design I have had NO stitching time! This is two days of stitching on the Heron House Patriotic Border design, I have one line on the flag done. This one should be pretty quick once I get some time in on it, whenever that will be!

The Seek Joy stitching I got some of the peacock done and then lost the pattern *groan*. So far no luck in finding it, I may have to buy it again in a month or so if I can't hunt it up! I want to wait and try to find it first, I haven't looked that hard yet.

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