Tuesday, May 02, 2006

April Summary

April plans---
Must stitch:
a gift for John's aunt's friend not needed
models for a new release? not needed, models not even charted
thank you gift for wedding ring place? not started
Would like to stitch: Quaker 6 Mystery SAL (not going to happen!), something SB not done
Would like to finish: Seek Joy, Patriotic Borders, a UFO (have to find one first!) barely touched SJ and PB, did find Angus WIP and car WIP now need patterns
Would like to make progress on: figure out what big project to and start assembling stuff for it not done

New finishes: 0
WIPS progressed: frogged about 6 stitches in EM Amber Waves Welcome

May plans---
Must stitch: 3 teacher gifts
model for new release?
thank you for wedding ring place?

SAL: Needleroll
Merry Cox Her Needles Kept Safely

Would like to stitch: Just about everything I see these days!

Would like to finish: Seek Joy, Patriotic Borders

Would like to make progress on: finding all my UFOs to finish or give away

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