Friday, May 26, 2006

A Finish! Teacher Gift

Wow, look at this, I finished something! Took me only a few days! I didn't have time to do BC's Teacher Row so I used some of the motifs & alphabet, plus a few of my own, to come up with the teacher's name. He called me today to tell me how much he appreciated it. I used to sit after school and stitch while the kids did various activities and he was always very interested in my stitching so I figured he would like a stitched gift even though I didn't really have time to do one. He was a really good teacher and friend to the kids and we will miss him a lot!

I was uploading this photo to my various albums and realized I have only finished 3 (small!) things this so far in 2006! Is that possible??? I am so discouraged!

This weekend we go to scout camp where I will be kitchen staff, bartering my services for a tuition free trip for our family (it's family camp). I doubt I will do any of it but I will be ambitious and bring my stitching, just in case! We get back Monday morning (or Sunday night if we don't get a cabin and my back hurts as much as it did last time) and then Monday afternoon is my last day at my "real" job :/ Tuesday & Wednesday are back to scout camp!

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