Tuesday, May 02, 2006

new goodies

My long awaited SB things have come. I got the 2006 fob and because I am a sucker for all things scissors I got the engraved gingher scissors (Sophia, I think) that go along with it. I really want to rip it open and get it started, so little and cute!! Their packaging is so nice I didn't want to open the scissors but I had to. You can barely see the year engraved in this photo, the other side is engraved with "Shepherd's Bush." Very pretty!!

I managed to get the silks and ribbons ordered that I need for the Merry Cox SAL that started yesterday. As usual, a day late and a dollar short but I'm working on it! I have several fabby picked out, went to hunt them up for a photo and not sure where they went to, grrrrrrrrrr!!! I did get my working copy of the chart made at least, so that's some progress right?? I would really like to at least get a few stitches in tonight with the supplies I have for it already. Haven't had time to go check Dani's, etc. to see how everyone else is doing.

Haven't taken pics of my new stash yet, spent the entire weekend cleaning except Sunday night when I could have been stitching but instead couldn't settle down to anything. I did manage to find my See Joy chart (!) so I can try to get moving on that. Don't have much motivation for anything, but every time I found a chart while cleaning I wanted to put it in the "to do next pile", LOL!!! Must be the weather or the mood I'm in. On the good side the house looks inhabitable once more and I might even have pics to share someday soonish.

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