Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mountain "Vacation"

We went up to the boy scout camp for me to staff a few days of Family Camp, my way of getting the kids free summer camp. When we went for clean-up weekend we didn't even have tents so I wasn't sure what to expect in the way of living arrangements. Imagine my surprise when we were given a gorgeous new cabin with electricity, heaters, bear proof windows, the works. I quickly volunteered to stay more than 3 days! We had a great time but I have never worked so hard in my life! First three days was in the kitchen, the hours were from 6am-8pm daily with a few short breaks for stitching. The kids had a blast, plus they really stepped up and worked HARD. They washed dishes in the kitchen, served food, helped run crafts, etc. My oldest son became the "slave" of the camp director and I would find him in the strangest places: under a kitchen sink scrubbing, mopping behind a refrigerator, etc. And he found this FUN! He's in trouble now that I've learned of these hidden skills!

Having fun on the cabin porch swing

Interior of the cabin, bunks and real mattresses for 8 comfortably!
Chase and Andy roped a steer in the horsemanship class. Nephews Andy and Austin joined us for a night.
Seri on a horse

Seri and Chase's first experience with BB guns, and mine too. Quite fun and they are good shots!

Bryce working for his supper by serving it. Seri is in line waiting for it.

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