Saturday, April 14, 2007

more 2006 coming to light

Huh, with the tiny amount of stitching I did in 2006 you'd think I'd be quick to share every piece! I actually sat here for the last 20 minutes wracking my brain to remember what I stitched for the winter holiday exchange I joined and finally had to search all my photos! Bundle Up is my own design that I stitched for the exchange.

Next in photos are the damnit dolls my sisters and I stitched out of socks (one per doll) in a moment of extreme stress back in October. Mine is the one on the left.

Finally, the LK design I stitched for a family member's wedding gift also in October. I charted in the sunflowers instead of water by request.

Life is moving very fast right now, I finally have found interest in stitching once again but have no time. I am working on a tiny fob design I hope to share soon, literally I've put in a few stitches a week.

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