Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New pretties

So we were at the dollar store yesterday to find more treats to appease the evil demon puppy where I noticed some stuff from the checkout. I'm always on the lookout for beads and such, and these were perfect. Can you say...FOBS???? I could totally restring these as they are or mix and match and they would be DARLING Halloweenie things. Now, what to stitch???? And I have to finish Tiny Flag off first (it's the rule)!! As for the red/white/blue I first thought patriotic fob, then I wondered if I could use them with the TF mattress finish? Food for thought (Fob for thought? Food for mattress?).

I also bought some candlewraps with beads to take apart, these beads will be so cute on xmas ornies, fobs, etc. What fun! I had to restrain myself to not buy a ton of everything. Especially since I still don't have any stitching done, don't think I deserve treats :P

My last ebay package came (from Guam!), it was random Cross Eyed Cricket leaflets, not Prairie Schooler. Sad when you can't even remember! I did place a Sanman order this morning though, and I have an order at Needlearts (so sad the b & m shop is out of business) on hold so I'm really stashed out (budgetwise). Besides this morning I made the dreaded "C" list---Christmas! And our cooler gave out last night so we'll need to work that into the budget (budget, what budget?). It's still almost 90 degrees every day, too hot to wait till spring to fix.

Sorry for the awful pics, I think I have dropped my phone one too many times as the camera is so fuzzy. So sad, it's not even a year old yet and it's a really good phone :(

Thanks to Cindy for coming to read my blog and leaving a comment!

I think it's time to redecorate around here....

Great finds for making fobs! I have used seasonal charm bracelets like that for making cute wine charms that were a lot of fun.
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