Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Stash, New Resolve

So it's been forever since I wanted to stitch, think about stitching, shop for stitching, read about stitching...you get the picture. However, I the stitching bug never truly goes away (at least, I hope not) and so I am drawn once more. I have limited time still, working several at-home businesses and also part-time as office manager of a church, my time never feels like my own to do as I please anymore. We were working as campmasters at the local boy scout camp on Mt. Lemmon the past few weekends and I was able to start a new project, something that has been on my list since forever, probably my first SB purchase, Tiny Flag. The finished photo from SB is below, I actually have misplaced my stitching so I can't photo it, lol. I only have the top row of stars and the stripes in, seems I don't have much patience for stitching these days :/

I would like to make it into my first mattress finishing, and I think I found the perfect backing fabric the other day at Wal-mart. I was there trying to find fabric to finish off the small ABC bird thing below. It was supposed to be a box lid (and is actually attached TO a box lid right now, lol) but the more I thought about it the more I decided I'd like to make into a needlebook, but while still on the shallow box lid, with the needlebook itself fitting into the lid. Clear as mud right? This one may be headed for disaster!!

I also finished the little tiny round monochrome in a previous post but lost it on the kitchen counter. Rediscovered it in a pile of syrup, then kids cleaned counter and it was gone again. I unearthed my desktop this last week so I could hunt for my Hatty Halloween freebie to re-post on the Stitches'N'Stones website and found a sticky finished tiny round. Luckily only a corner of the fabric is sticky so I cut it off. I plan to finish this into a small pin cushion (my first). Everyone hope for the best! Things have a tendency to look so easy and so much nicer in my head than the finished project.

I spend a little bit indulging over some past magazines and found some "I must do these NOW" projects, we'll see if anything happens! I still have the strict "finish what you started before moving on" policy (although I did relax it enough to start Tiny Flag before finishing off the boxlid small and pincushion small) so I'm not sure if that will motivate me or make me feel trapped.

And finally, I was shocked when BOAF closed their designing doors, I've been trying to add to my stash of their off and on for a long time, they are one of my favorites (well, ahem, who ISN'T?? lol). I am scared I may have lost out on a few designs forever :/ Or until I decide to visit Ebay and spring $30 or more for them...

BUT look what I found that I had never seen and just LOVE...

I am an a non-stash budget right now but had to snatch that up along with a few other things which I may show later, Homespun Samplar mailed it promptly and I got to fondle it yesterday. I showed my daughter the new stash and gave her 5 minutes to figure out which chart was the MUST HAVE MUST STITCH for me, she picked it, no problem.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish Tiny Flag. That was recently my first attempt at a pinkeep!

That's sad news about BOAF...they had such nice designs and fabrics.
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