Monday, October 29, 2007

New stash, new week

Photo of new stash from Homespun Samplar last week, although I just got more from Ebay so I will have to report on that as well. This above was some cute older Prairie Schooler, I just decided I really like them, weren't my cup of tea before this. Also above were some BOAF I had to to get, still to need to add a few more to make my collection as complete as it's going to be. From Ebay I got more PS and various others, from Amazon I got a bunch of BHG Xmas hardcovers used (.42 cents and such), one of which had the Brightneedle "Lo a Rose" which is so pretty I had to have it. I had heard it was hard to get and selling on ebay for a fortune, I got it at Amazon for about $5 including shipping, I'm giddy!

Last week was a rough week, I had cub scout leaders to teach classes to at the big Pow-wow training convention (and I had to write the class lessons), 2 cub scout meetings and a cub parent meeting, responsible petcare class for my dog getting loose, halloween shopping and party at the zoo, etc etc etc. This week is pretty full but it feels less stressful to me so hopefully I will get some stitches in. I am really wanting to do something autumny/halloweeny and do some finishing work. Here's what I did so far on Tiny Flag:

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