Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Goals lost and the C-word

OK, how sad is it I actually forgot I have a stitching goals blog????? Folks, I think that says it all about my stitching habits (or lack thereof).

Ignore the cub scout clip art at the top and check out my various wants-to-stitches(as of sometime last year or so anyway). I simply inserted photos of finished models I wish I'd stitched, lol.

So I've been looking at patterns I need to stitch for gifts, patterns I actually WANT to stitch for gifts mind you. I am all excited but I just can't be bothered to pull threads/fabric. Anyone else have this problem? I now, for the first time, totally get the KIT concept and how it is useful (before I felt most were overpriced and rarely came with anything I wanted to use). Will someone please come kit up some stash? And take some home with you!

I wanted to do Sue Hillis' Wine a Bit which has been sitting on my kitchen counter for several months (???? kitchen counter? why not!). Of course now that I need it, it's gone, vanished, poof! And how about my JCS 2007 Ornie issue??? And the two credit cards I lost two weeks ago somewhere in the house? Luckily I do have Mrs. Moriarty's ski hat pattern from Moss Creek (from an older JCS ornie issue), but that's the one I can't get myself to pull threads/fabric for.

I was looking at my webshots albums showing (read: boring) my daughter with old ornament finishes since she wants to do some holiday stitching this year, and in the past few years I've had 40 finishes to show for my year. 2007 is a wash, wonder what 2008 will bring????


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