Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Old stitching finished

Last April I had a small finish (blog post here) that I have spent lots of time figuring out how exactly to finish. At first I attached it to a small box lid but I didn't like the idea of finishing off the box. After WAAAY too much thought I have finally made it into a weird little needlebook (needlebox lid?) that look reasonably pretty I think. It was one of those times where I kept adding and adding touches until I finally I decided ENOUGH! The pics aren't great and the ribbon isn't crooked although it looks it, however it is DONE!

No progress on Tiny Flag. I have to start Xmas stitching especially since the budget is so small this year. I managed to hurt two fingers on my non-stitching hand so we'll see how well I can hold my q-snaps to stitch. I do have Thurs/Fri off for Thanksgiving so I have stocked up on Xmas movies and plan to stitch away, I hope. Of course I have tons of other plans as well (cleaning, organizing, etc.) so we will see what wins. I think we are going fishing on Thanksgiving morning so I will definitely get some stitching done then, nothing more boring than hours of fishing that hubby/kids/dogs enjoy so much.

Lots of new stash, the amusing part of it is hubby has been putting pressure on me to get rid of it---"I can't possibly need it all." Between stitching and cub scouts I have a ton of stuff in the living room that I need to go through and organize. We won't mention to hubby the large red tool chest he started putting together LAST Thanksgiving that is still sitting in the living room or the box of his mail by the couch or...

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