Friday, April 25, 2008

I have been perusing Cricket Collection on ebay again, it finally dawned on me that they have several hundred leaflets, probably not something I will end up with a full collection of. Which won't stop me from trying! I did buy a few things, this was one-Leisure Arts Old Samplers Book Two

I spotted a bunch of my old magazines in the closet and pulled them out for inspection. I have tubs full of them: Cross Stitch & Country Crafts, Jeremiah Junction-can't remember the mag name, Just Cross Stitch, For the Love of Cross Stitch, The Cross Stitcher, etc. Years worth of collecting online, by subscription, and from second hand shops. I used to go through them and write the highlights on a sticky label on the cover so I could see at a glance without opening them. Geesh I had bad taste back then, LOL. OK, I had small kids, I was young, and country was cool back then, besides that's all there was! At least even then Cherished Teddies and Precious Moments gave me a rash (no offense to Gloria and Pat, they do a great job translating them to graphs).

I looked through the mags remembering what I'd bought them for, sadly most not to my taste. However, I found some really awesome treasures like Kandace Thomas, etc. I went ahead and photocopied my treasures for a binder to put together, some of these old mags are stuck together with who knows what or falling to pieces. I know I could make a ton of space by getting rid of them now, but what if my tastes change in 5 years and I need something out of them??? Case in point: I have several LHN designs from 15 year old mags that I have kept. Back then they weren't my cup of tea, nor did I have any idea they ever would be. Imagine how much I'd have to pay to get them now? We all know I would HAVE to hunt them down.

This does bring to mind though, many blogs I've been reading have been about downsizing stash. I never wanted to get rid of mine, in fact when I got remarried my new DH suggested I might want to get rid of it and it got ugly. I think if he'd suggested severing my arm he would have gotten a nicer and less shocked response! Anyway, I have literally stacks on the floor in my office of pattern, on many bookshelves, in tubs in the garage, etc. and these are just patterns. I have been trying to corral them into some order but can't seem to figure out a good method, at this point I'd settle for off the floor so the dogs won't step on them and we can get throught the office to the garage ;) The other night I was trying to stack them on a bookshelf thinking if they were stacked in piles rather than lined up like books there would be room for more. Of course I'll never find a blessed thing now that I've moved them--over 2,000 patterns in my incomplete database and I knew just where most of them were until now, sigh. Anyhoo, I was stacking and looking and I realized I didn't like this one, or that one, and hey, I like that one but I've looked at it so much it would be boring to stitch, and so on. Am I outgrowing my stash? Do I hang on and hope I will come to my senses? Shall I do a mass exodus of stash? Help!

And lastly, the Beanie dog (in picture, under son) has taken to shredding paper when he gets nervous so our long hallway is full of paper bits all the time. Yesterday I found a tiny corner of a Cricket Collection chart, but it's so tiny I can't tell what chart. AUGH!!!

Off to a hike with my little Tiger Scouts!

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