Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just a little of the new stash I've been ebaying for. I like the threads a lot, can't wait to use them! They come in 20 yard hanks and are very reasonably priced from the Victorian Motto (??) ebay shop . I got a grab bag and Nancy kindly takes requests for your color preferences. She did also include a free red, yum!

I had my basket loaded at Vicki Clayton's HDF for some choices to do the Sarah Tobias pin cushion in the colors I envision, but I guess I left them too long and the basket timed out. Have you seen she is doing linen now? I just don't think that's fair, I want some!

No progress last night on Live, I am simply too tired these days. Spent too much time trying to get a DVD to play to entertain me while I stitch.


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