Friday, April 04, 2008

Last night I wanted to stitch! For the first time in forever, I was itching to sit down and get moving. I didn't want to stitch any WIPs (if I haven't touched them for 6 months do I still get to call them WIPS?) so I started something new this morning. It's Sarah's ABC Pincushion by Cherie Ralston and is in the new Blackbird Designs Thank You, Sarah Tobias book (bottom project in the pic above). Btw, if you haven't bought this book, it's WELL worth the price!

I'm in a strange mood, none of my fabric was calling to me. I finally picked a 14 ct. aida (I have not worked on aida in years, and then nothing bigger than 18 ct), a white that I purposefully stained so it's an ugly splotchy antiquey look. For thread I picked an old Stranded by the Sea green/tan color. So this morning I put a few stitches in, finished the "S" in fact, then decided it's too green, not enough variation for this. So I think I'll use GAST Lilypad (?) and restart later. I feel good about this project though, just a small alphabet and a few words. I can do it!

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