Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slumpity, Bumpity, Bump Bump Bump...

So we all know I kitted up the pincushion from BD "Thank you, Sarah Tobias", then didn't like the thread I chose, not enough variation, and also didn't look like the thread in the picture. Normally I like the way my own choices look but every once in awhile I need that exact thread/fabric/frame whatever and apparently this is one of those times. So I dug around and found the GAST limited edition Lilypad and thought it might be good enough although not the same. So of course now I can't find my fabric and chart.

This weekend we went camping and I thought I'd have some stitching time, so I quick grabbed a small SB kit "Live" and then rummaged through fabric (no plain linen colors for me thanks!) and found an awesome R & R turquoisey color that sounds awful and looks great. I did take it on the trip, never started it though. Spent most of the day hauling rocks to repair trails, the rest of it exploring with the kids. We did drive up the mountain and take a ride on the ski lifts, too fun!

I have been getting odds and ends of stash from ebay the past two weeks, I can't get ebay to remind me of my password so I had to open a new account in my husband's name to not miss out on some deals while I wait for the password reminder to come by snail mail. He keeps opening my stash and looking very perplexed. I also bought some awesome fabric and older BD loose threads patterns from Cathy B. I really hate my cell phone cam being broken, it's such a pain to do real photos! I'll have to put it all together and take one soon.

I did submit an application for a fair and square exchange, hope to be accepted, seems like it's just what I need to get to stitching. I was looking back at all the round robin's I used to be in and how much fun I had, amazingly I was motivated and never missed a deadline. Wish I could get the nerve up to do a neighborhood round robin, although I wouldn't even being to know how or where to sign up for one!

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