Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creeping Crud

I've been offline sick (do I need a note to excuse me?). I took yesterday off work and instead of having a lovely yummy day to stitch or clean, I tossed and turned in various rooms while curled into a ball, fun! Today I managed to drag the kids to the bible school they are helping with and then into work where I realized I have a few days till a major presentation and only a week till I have a week of vacation so I need to get hopping! First off, some photo eye candy:

From Camp over Memorial Day-

Chase and his Snowman

The Obligatory Archery Pose by all 3 of my offspring

The Obligatory Beauty shot by my daughter (I can camp AND be pretty, tee hee hee)

My new stitching organizer! The latest in my quest to keep my stitching clean and together (stitching, floss, AND pattern in the same place?? Oh my!). For those of you wondering, I LOVE it! It's like the Trapper-Keeper I had in elementary school. I got the large one which comes with a few floss cards, tons of pockets, and a place for everything. It does have a big zippered pocket for me to keep my latest project in, which I need to keep all the dog hair and whatever off of it. If you look closely I have my fair & square exchange peeking out of the pocket to give you a hint.

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