Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fair and Square scares

First off, I am STARVING! Only had a snack at work with me today, so if I suddenly stop typing, I've fainted. Either that or eaten the keyboard. I am dreaming of a Taco Bell chalupa, with empty calories and fat.

I started my Fair and Square exchange squares last week on this fabric (32ct Silkweaver limited edition, no name, tiny bit of mottling on a lovely barley color, looks like Lakeside linen). The fabric is gorgeous but it does have a lot of pills in it, which I like for my stitching but am worried Vonna might not? It's been so long since I've done an exchange, I'm worried about what my stitching looks like to someone else. I've been railroading and using a laying "tool" (my needle, lol) so it's taking me longer, and I still don't like the way my stitches look. It is what it is though, I'm doing my best. I also worry I didn't space my square well enough and it's too close to the edge to finish off easily. However, I realized this after I've stitched about 1/3 of the square :/ Next time I am using fabric bigger than 6" x 6" and then trimming it down, it doesn't seem to matter what I do, I just can't space things correctly when I need to.

Another exchange worry, they have just changed the rules to no extras other than homemade, when of course I have order in a few thing specially for Vonna, darn! I have decided that I will send her a different package as a RAOK for sponsoring the exchanges and doing so much work, and also for being so kind to be my partner when I have an idea of how pressed for time she really is!

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