Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Home again!

We're back, have been back, but it's been a brutal week recovering. There was SNOW, much snow. Snow and tents-not so much a mix. But fun! Photos to come as well as some finishes/WIPS.

I've been cruising a few new blogs, which led to other new blogs and lots of freebies. Holy cow there are beautiful freebies out there, so much talent! Between those and the same old, same old I see coming from a few designers, makes me wonder if I should keep my hat in the designing ring. There is a designer that is becoming more and more popular that has practically lifted my (and others) designs straight off our patterns. I'm trying to really think, were my ideas that unoriginal or did she consciously (unconsciously?) take them? There is someone else that seems to have copied several of my freebie designs and modified them slightly. Again, did she see them and then "create" them accidently later (every designer's greatest fear, to recreate a pattern we've seen without realizing it)? What is the point? I was already giving them away free! I have spent so much time and money to be a small fish in a large pond, and I've enjoyed a lot of it. But maybe it's time to let another fish take my spot...

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