Friday, June 20, 2008

I don't think in floss tags

I've been looking at all the great floss tags and small finishes and I have to say--I rarely see a large design and then see the "small" in it. Everyone is so creative, they see a motif and wham. it's a whole new smaller design! I will have to work on deconstructing patterns and seeing the smalls!

We leave town in 4 days. I have the big presentation for work on Sunday between church services. I start school on Monday. So what else would I do but start assembling projects for vacation??? These will be coming with me, as well as some of my WIPs (SB Tiny Flag, etc.).

Vonna read my last post about Fair & Square and we have "mutually canceled our transaction", hopefully I can sign up for another round. Darn though, her square was looking so pretty and was almost done!

Here you see our 2nd annual pie eating contest at cub scouts this week. I did take second place, but there is no way you will be seeing the photo DH took of my head in a plate of chocolate pie with graham cracker crust.

Off to take dogs for shots so we can board them for our vacation. I think we've only had one vacation without them so it's going to be lonely!!

I wish I could see more LARGE projects :) LOL!! I am addicted to Smalls :)
Enjoy your vacation and BEE safe :)
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