Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Old New Stash eye candy

I am having a minor panic attack due to the fact that I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Will I ever learn??? On the bright side, some of my time has been spent in various places on the web spending money on stash :) This is new stash from several weeks ago, I have gotten quite a bit more in the last week or two. My latest obsession has been to collect various Diane Williams works before she became LHN:

I also have picked up a few(ok, 15) old magazines--loved this chart! I am a sucker for samplers and dutch, must be my heritage:

Then we have my WIP from Memorial Day family camp (formerly known as the weekend in snowed in June), Pine Tree Hill from LHN in a JSC magazine. I wanted something campy and cabin-y, especially with the snowy weather. I changed the red house to a brown cabin (exactly how many red houses can I stitch????), have no idea yet if this is a good or a bad thing. You know how sometimes your stitches just don't look right? You can let the needle hang to untwist the thread, you can use a new couple of strands, you can separate them and put them back together, you can comb the floss with your needle in hopes of making them look better (it was camp, no laying tool, ok?), you can railroad, you can...ok, you get the idea. Well that's how this cabin was going. In between helping Seri start a heart kit (I KNEW I bought these aida kits for a reason, to grab as we go out the door camping, that's it!) I was helping with the plaster fossil station at camp (yes, even when we PAY for camp, I still end up teaching). I didn't get much done, and it didn't look that great. I had to put it aside for Fair & Square and so it shall sit for now. I DO like the fabric though, the cloudy blue and white is something everyone uses for sky but I felt it looked like a stormy winter day, and it mirrored the weather up at camp (lovely blue sky with snow clouds). Sometimes I stitch just to capture the memories (as Edgar's blog reminded me).

Speaking of Fair & Square, being sick put me way behind. With all the other things I need to do (organize cub scouts and get ready for the big family pie eating contest, presentation at work, clean house and pack to go on vacation and to keep my DH from leaving me) I am FREEEEEAAAKKKKED out! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

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