Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beware of Mind Snow

Tip of the day: No matter how many times you type "mind snow", it still reads "mind snow"

Yup. Mind snow. I picture a TV screen of static, that's what mind snow looks like. If we did a brain scan on me, that's what we'd see. Mind snow. In case you were wondering, I tried to type "minds now" about 672 84 times in a row, all I got was---you guessed it, mind snow.

I'm reasonably sure I suffered a psychotic break yesterday after having the 8th rotten day in a row, lol, because I simply don't care anymore, nor do I function, LOL. I sense a new design in the works:

Why bother? I'm stitching.
Who cares? I'm stitching.
Have stash, will travel.

I can still stitch while living in a cardboard box.
Stitching is a full-time job.

I can absolutely envision the cardboard box one on a pillow. Yup.

Here is my stalled SB Flag. Anyone remember when I started this? 1982. Yup. OK, not really. I looked it up, it was last October. I thought I finished it on August 3rd and I did a happy dance. Then I realized that I left the last line of stitching off. I can't seem to find a few minutes to get the last bit of stitching done. I am setting a deadline--by tomorrow night it will be done and I WILL attach the button. as well.

For those who won my contest a few weeks ago, I am STILL assembling packages. The boys cleaned their room, which means they vomited everything they didn't know what to do with or was dirty into my office and stacked it in front of my stash cabinet. I promise the prizes will be worth it when they get to you. Thanks for your patience!

Karen V. and Harmien, thanks so much for sharing about your DH's, that makes me feel a bit more sane. I almost think I could live without the money as long as he was not spending more time at home making messes and having "ideas" about running the household and kids ;) A long time ago he learned how to cross stitch, but it wasn't his thing, too bad, that might keep us both out of jail, lol.

I have a collection of 10-year-old WIPs, too. never mind oldie-but-goodie patterns I will stitch SOME YEAR
America is lovely!!

sorry about the 8th day in a row .. that just sucks! If I had happy pills I would sooo send you some!!!

p.s., I'm a comment whore too :)
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