Friday, August 22, 2008

Blurbs and Snippets

I've been busy, designed a new logo for my fabric and chart line and have been dyeing and selling!

Cub scout recruiting time is upon us, we have two packs we lead which means two meetings a week, which means I am tired. Whose bright idea was it to let me mold and shape minds (actually, considering the potty jokes I tell these days, I think they're molding MINE, lol)?

My floss tag supplies have been purchased and await my finish. I'm still trying to figure out why it is a good idea for me to poke sharp objects through my finish, lol. However, when I purposefully cut holes into the Hillside Sampling Lily 1911 (or whatever that was) to make it look aged it was really hard to actually make holes and then make them show up. So my point is that I am optimistic that I won't mess my tag up too badly!

I had a fair & square square picked out for Halloween and then my partner pulled out due to ill health (poor Brenda H) so now I need to figure out what Georgie will like.

I've been trying to catch up on reading blogs but haven't much luck. Thanks everyone taking time to comment here, it makes me feel good you choose to spend some of your limited time listening to me!

I like your logo for your fabric. Your fabric is really pretty, too! I love anything Halloween. Anything you stitch will be fine, LOL
What do you like?
Wow, that Anttic Antique looks good! Good luck with the floss ring tags, you'll love it! It's seriously freaky hammering that first eyelet in, but I bet it's going to look fab!! Show us, show us!!
Nice fabrics, where do you sell them?
Well I seriously (and I mean SERIOUSLY!) love that Attic Antique fabric....ya got any on hand?
gorgeous fabby! So tell us where we can go to buy these.
Your fabric is GORGEOUS! Love the Attic Antique!
very very pretty fabric! like everyone else, I love the Attic Antique .. it's yummy!
Love your fabrics! Do you design also? I own a new needlework store and would like to carry some of your stuff! Check out my blog
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