Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Break out with the happy pills

I am seriously grumpy this week, no doubt due to the lack of stitching I have done. To bask in my mood, I bought these great Special Edition Fiskars with skulls on the blades. Make sure you click the pic, these are awesome. I need to find or design a suitably dark fob to go along with these. I picked up a pair for my daughter and then a few extra. If anyone would like one, I picked them up for $10 and would be happy to extend that price plus actual shipping.

Things are a bit grim in my world, my DH's hours have been cut from 40 to 20 per week and with his disability it will be nearly impossible for him to get another job, it took him a year to get this one. This means I need to pick up the slack, hence the fabric dyeing going from wholesale to retail. I think I'm due for a midlife crisis...

Thanks Michele and Karen V. for stopping by yesterday and leaving comments, I am definitely a comment whore junkie.

And on a bright note, I do know I am very blessed with family, friends, etc. so I will try to focus on that and not on the fact that DH is home 4 days a week and making me crazy crazier.

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Sorry to hear about your DH's job. My DH has been working from home today, so my normal routine is completely out of the window. I feel your pain!
Mine is home sick today, and boy, is he messing with my plans... Men are such boys when they're sick... LOL!! Hope things turn out for you and your family!!
The scissors are hilarious!
Love your scissors :)
And I must say that I'm glad to see someone else say "Happy Pills" because I tell that to my grumpy family all the time, to take a "Happy Pill" :) LOL!
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