Friday, August 08, 2008

It's that time of year again...

Note: If you're here for the stitching/stashing, scroll down. For sarcasm, continue reading...

Yes, you know, school. That is a four six letter word in my house right now. The kids are thrilled, especially with Bryce finding out we'd allowed him to skip a grade and go to high school. I am unthrilled, and the "S" word is forbidden in my house. Apparently my distaste for the season has not halted the progress nor made the powers that be rethink their start dates, so I have been living in my car (no A/C) for the past week, driving little tweens to and fro. To pass the time I have been composing sarcastic letters in my mind:

Dear Tall, Skinny Blonde Lady with Frizzy Hair, While I applaud your desire to walk your tiny, skinny, blonde, frizzy haired bundle of delight who has just started kindergarten into the school, your freaking minivan does NOT belong parked in the drop-off only lane. In my experience, the parking lot is where you generally put your car if you are going to exit it. Perhaps the other 5 parents trapped behind your van as Timmy dropped his backpack 82.5 times and then ran back to your van for something he forgot had more patience or recent lobotomies. I can assure you, it took great restraint not to slash your tires while waiting for you to return to your vehicle. The only reason I did not was because I too would have to leave my vehicle parked and unoccupied. I learned when I was quite small, the world does not revolve around me, and I would like to respectfully point out, it does not revolve around you either. The best lesson you could teach tiny, frizzy Timmy is to respect others and treat them the way you would like to be treated. Sincerely, the Lady Behind your Minivan with the Smoke Shooting Out of Her Ears Screaming "A$$HAT!" at You This Morning

(ok, no I didn't scream anything at her, but only because I'm well-behaved and polite in the real world if not in my mind)

Ahemmm...moving on! I went to All in Stitches and showed off my fabric to Terry (owner) who has promptly ordered all my colors in as many counts as I can provide and offered to let me use her cutting table to cut fabric! While there I picked up an order:

I love love love love the LHN Strawberry House! I also got a star button for my SB Tiny Flag which still needs only 10 stitches to be completed.

Then when cleaning the living room I foun some of the stash I ordered in June (ish?) and never shared, the Charland emeries look so pretty and delicate. I should rename my blog: Tracy who stashes but never stitches.

I have bought one of the floss tag tools because Karen V. and I are having a personal exchange this month and I need to experiment with some floss tagging. I am having the hardest time deciding what to stitch for her, she and I have similar taste and there are too many things to choose from. I also signed up for the Halloween Fair & Square exchange, so excited!

Seran with the evil "puppy" who won't stop licking her

Kids on the first day of school

Nephews and Chase bowling the day before school starts as our final hurrah (Indiana Jones movie, arcade, and bowling!)

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omg I loved your letter and your rant! Even though my kids have been out of elementary school for a long time now .. I soooo remember THAT mom!

Love all your new stash :) Can't wait to see your first floss tag. I have everything to do one, except for the stitched piece .. think I should do one soon! lol

Great picture of your thugs, opps, kids *grin*
Love your new stash!

It took me a while to decide on what to stitch for your floss tag too, which is daft, because we do have similar tastes ;) It's stitched up now though and I think (hope!) you'll like it!
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