Monday, August 18, 2008

My brain bra is on inside out today. Enough said, lol.

So I did finish the SB Tiny Flag last line, and furthermore I present proof. However, as buttons always do at my house, the button has gone on a walkabout (apparently to Australia, mate). OK, I didn't really look that hard, I did a "man look" (stand in middle of room, close eyes, say "I can't see it", hold out hand, nothing jumps in it. No really, it's in the MANual).

I happily perused patterns for my floss tag and Fair & Square exchange though. I was going to MAKE an experimental floss tag until I realized that I need supplies, darn me. I shall try to arm myself this afternoon since I need to make that my number 1 priority.

I was thinking the other day about how many designers are my "favorites" and yet I have not stitched anything of theirs, which led me to wonder--what I have I been stitching??? I have compiled a list of how many pieces I have stitched by designer to see--which I will share tomorrow. The interesting thing in looking at my webshots album is that before 2005 I simply photoed the piece, and after that I wouldn't add a photo unless it was properly finished and had a background of some kind. The last few finishes I have had I haven't added to any of my albums because they aren't "finished" yet. Wonder when I became so particular? Um, in 2005 obviously, LOL.

Lovely finish! I hope the button turns up soon.
I know that "MANual!" The men in my house have autographed, well-worn copies! And they follow it religiously, too.

So, you chargin' up the 'ole batteries, right? (For the Looking forward to your "list that never was!"
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