Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Bummer

Here you see my new start from 2 nights ago, With Thy Needle and Thread's Simply Angelic. I really have some kind of mental block with starting new projects lately. I've never really been a kit person but perhaps I need to be, I am having a really hard time choosing thread and fabric for anything. Because of this I chose hastily (oh and it was midnight and I wanted to start a little before bed!) and it didn't work. The fabric is really more suited to Halloween (one of my Oops and Oddments) and I knew that but I tried to force it, I guess. Then the thread I dug out of my baggie of stuff that sits in my folder and "made do" with, simply didn't "do", the colors really aren't working for me.

To cap it off, I started in the wrong place and will run out of room at the bottom . Go, me! Hurrah for midnight stitching (like Tanya over At the Honeysuckle Tree, when will I learn, sleepy stitching doesn't pay!).

So last night (yes, midnight) I dug up some new thread (this time running through my Vicki Clayton silks, delicious) and went with another Oops and Oddments, an Attic Antique gone wrong kind of fabric. I had an awful time choosing the silks and by the time Evil Puppy and I had finished the floss toss I was too tired to even think of stitching. E.P. was actually stationary for a bit (I gave her a rawhide), so we cuddled up with DH and watched the Amazing Race season 9 marathon we tivoed last weekend. We didn't figure out till season 13 reruns that all of us really love this show!!! Must hunt down DVDs somewhere. I'd love to sit and stitch to all 12 episodes but have too much bookkeeping work since tax time is upon us. I have a deadline this weekend but maybe I can fit in a restart of Simply Angelic. I am fighting the urge to just scrap it and start on something else--but then I'd have to narrow my choices down and find supplies all over again, ARGH! Maybe I need to pull out a pine mountain or Shepherd's Bush, they are the only kits I can stand...

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I know exactly what you mean! I think the frogs hang around and wait for us to stitch while sleepy! I had to ban myself from stitching after 4am, following several frog attacks.

Good luck on Simply Angelic...or the kit if you decide to pull one out.

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