Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Always Was a Rebel

Oh the joy of sending off another order, I love fabric dying! And thanks to everyone that's taken a look at my pretties, more thanks to those who have tried them out :)

I had a long whiny post for you about missing the Nashville market but have decided in my benevolence to spare us all. Suffice it to say, Nashville market does not go by unnoticed around here, I'm just now able to bring myself to look at all the new goodies without lamenting that I couldn't see them in person or that I didn't have any of my own new releases this year. End whine.

My stitching mojo has been found!! It only took me herniating a disc in my back and my husband getting in a car accident the same week for me to realize if I expected to survive without my head exploding in a giant ball of frazzled nerves I'd darn well better start flossing up my needle and making therapeutic x's once more. Behold, the last picture of the fruits of my labor...
I actually finished this piece on Saturday night during a Charmed marathon with my sister. She is having the need for therapeutic x's as well so I set her up with L*K's Big Girl Panties. She insists Charmed is our next big addiction for TV and stitching...we shall see. I could just as easily do Las Vegas, Corner Gas, McLeod's Daughters...I'll stop there. Anyhoo, I realized I have to finish this piece into something, and the idea was totally unappealing. And then...it hit me...what if..no, no, I can't think it...what if...I...did...NOT...finish...it...and...instead...put...it...away...for...later? A lot of you do this. Some of you have drawers, some of you have rubbermaid tubs, and the world has not ended. And so, rebel that I am, I give myself full permission to stitch anything I want without having to actually make it into something. Thank you all for liberating me!!

And now, once again, the dilemma, what to stitch next???? I have to say The Primitive Needle seems to be channeling where Birds of a Feather left off and so this and this make me want to scream, "Get into MAH (my) belly!!" which in normal speak = Please immediately fall into my lap now now now now now :) I see they also have a Yule one which might make me break my no Xmas stitching rule. I actually was designing a sampler very similar to the Hallow one but they did it way better!! Seasonally though, I should really stitch this, it's summery and has an awesome ugly bird and BOOBS on the mermaid, I totally have a thing for stitched mermaid boobs.
Ultimately, I think I will stitch this next as I already have it plus I have the ugliest fabric of mine that I am dying to use that would be perfect. But mermaid...boobs...how can I not??

We sent our oldest minion off to San Diego yesterday for the week with his school. He will have a great time, and I have a week off!!! Feeding and walking evil puppy myself and taking out trash is a small price to pay for an attitudeless, know-it-all free week I am used to him being gone on trips since he's been doing that with scouting for awhile. Speaking of evil puppy, this is a completely unedited photo of her from last night. I always thought there was something strange about her...

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